Who are we? The simple answer is, we are photographers. Artists and memory catchers and lovers of love. We are married with adorable children, a flourishing herb garden, and a love of adventure. We split our time between Southern California & Central Texas. So don’t be surprised to hear us say, y’all.
Mike is the main photographer, a digital hipster, using his experience and knowledge from when there was nothing BUT film to produce outstanding images in today’s modern world of digital. Calm under pressure, Mike is the coordinators favorite, because he rolls with the punches, manages the timeline and gets amazing photos all along the way. He’s also the funny one… well, the funnier one.
Brynn, is the studio wizard. She is in charge of all the memories that make their way back to our studio. She backs them up (in several different places), edits hundreds of photos, uploads them to your gallery, sprinkles a little faerie dust and hands them off to the Postman. Brynn loves creating albums and telling the story of each wedding day in your first family heirloom.
We are wedding junkies who can’t wait to hear more about your wedding day dreams. So give us a call, or send an email, and let’s get together to celebrate with some bubbly! We promise we are worth it y’all!