Ojai Wedding | Mandy & Adrianne

Mandy & Adrianne’s wedding story is one of the best! They met at one of Adrianne’s concerts. Mandy described it, “I was geeking out. I loved her music and then I saw this gorgeous woman. She was amazing.” Mandy continued to become her biggest fan, and when the time was right they started dating. Mandy remembered she was so nervous that her lips were shaking for their first kiss. As she planned her proposal she had it set for December. She drove up to Paso Robles for a show, where Adrianne was performing outdoors at a winery. “I walked up on this hill that overlooked the whole valley, and the wind gusted and I thought this would be the perfect spot to propose.” But she didn’t have the ring with her. Adrianne walked up to join her and as they looked out the wind gusted again, and Adrianne asked, “Should we get engaged?

We asked why Ojai for their wedding? They went out to celebrate a bridesmaid’s birthday. Adrianne stayed behind to write a song, Marry Me, about their love and her promises to Mandy. She called her and said she wanted to get married here where she wrote it. The day was a perfect blend of their two personalities and celebrated the two of them in their own unique way. Adrianne had a custom dress made to match her rock star attitude, and Mandy added white piping to a black tuxedo blazer. Her leather suspenders and sleeveless shirt got black buttons and their attendants wore bright red ties and soft grey dresses. Tapas and mini cupcakes made the rounds during their performance-filled reception as guests lounged on blankets, sipped on drinks and listened to the tributes their talented musician friends gave to the new couple. These two live their lives to the fullest and their love is so loud it could be heard all the way across the world. Congratulations Mandrianne! We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!







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