Marc & Anat

“There is no remedy for love, but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau

Marc and Anat have been married for years, but looking through their session you would think they were newly engaged. The way they laugh together and hold each other close is refreshing, it is sweet, it is true love. We stress the importance of wedding pictures a lot. Those are memories that everyone knows they want to keep forever. Sometimes we need to remember it’s the everyday things that matter the most. The welcome home kiss, and the kids crawling into bed with you in the morning (or rushing downstairs to be the first on the xbox in our case). It’s the cuddles during a movie, and ordering “the usual” on date night. All these little things add up to be our lives and our loves.  When we get to photograph a couple “just because” it touches a chord deep in my soul. It strums that thread that tells me life is moving too fast. I want to catch it, to hold it close, before it flies by. We found out after this session that Marc and Anat are expecting a baby, and we could not be happier for them. Marc said, “You guys took the first pregnant photos. The last ones of just the two of us.” We hope we’re there when there are three of you.. or four or five.. or however many the final number is. Much love from our hearts to yours.


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