Chris & Anna’s Long Beach Engagement Session

I know that I’ve said before that we know we have great clients when we leave and say, “I want to be friends with them!!” This was not only a fabulously fun session to photograph, but our first paddle boarding photo session. (Mike and I stayed on the dock… my luck would have me in the water.) Chris and Anna are both bursting with playful energy and constantly hitting on each other, which is great to see in action. They met when taking the same class in junior college, but went their separate ways after casually dating. They bumped into each other a little while down the road at the gym. They revved it back up and have been dating for the past three and a half years. During that time they’ve lived in Egypt and spent a year traveling the world (jealous? Ya, us too.)

Chris admitted that he isn’t much of a romantic when I asked how he proposed. He said, “It wasn’t a surprise. She knows me too well. We were at Disneyland, and we NEVER go there, neither one of us really even likes it. On Christmas Day… we thought it would be empty, but it was crazy. The snow was cool though. I pretty much told her, ‘I’m not getting down on one knee, because that would be awkward. Just put your hand in your pocket.’ And there it was.” That seems to be the way things happen for this laid-back couple. They were sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico and decided that was the place they wanted to get married. We couldn’t be happier to share this preview of their session. You guys are amazing and so much fun. Please enjoy!

Oh and can I take a moment and point out their totally awesome outfit coordination? LOVE it! Their personalities are definitely coming out in their clothing! We do want to come back and actually learn to paddle board, which any of you can do if you want to take lessons or a tour with their company Long Beach Adventure Tours. You can even get margarita’s included! I tested the margaritas afterwards (you’re welcome) and they were legit! 


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