Sunah & David’s Newport Beach Engagement Session

Sunah and David have been together since 8th grade!! His mom dropped them off at Disneyland for their first date 11 years ago. And like any true 8th grade romantic  he asked her out under the fireworks. We think it’s awesome that so many of our clients have been high school, college or middle school sweethearts (it’s good luck for us right?). I asked Sunah if she knew that David was going to propose and she said, “I had a feeling.” but David quickly interjected, “No! She didn’t!!” Even if she had known what was coming she couldn’t have known how he would ask. He took her to Club 33 (which makes me jealous on a whole other level) and arranged with the manager to let them go out on the private balcony. Below them their family stood waiting with two signs that said, Sunah Marry me?

Of course the answer was yes. They are planning their wedding for later this summer at the Clark Estate in Santa Fe Springs. We met them in Balboa at the Newport Pier for their engagement session on Sunday. The wind was gnarly (when at the beach you have to speak like a surfer), but we were able to take cover and gorgeous pictures in the alleys and along the marina. We even borrowed a vintage volvo that was parked on the street. These two are adorable and I think telepathic.. they unconsciously knew whenever the other was making a silly face even when they couldn’t see each other. David and Sunah, you two were so much fun to photograph. Thank you for braving the coastal breezes and looking so ridiculously good-looking while you did it!

For all the future brides out there.. take notes on Sunah’s outfit. Simple and trendy with bright pops of color. The turquoise headband complimented her persimmon top perfectly and showcased her style in a cute and fun way. And guys.. David really pulled off the dressy casual with his button down shirt and leather topsiders. Elegant simplicity that looks amazing in photographs!


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