Do you like Art? and Monsters? So do we.

You may be asking yourself 1) Who is this beautiful woman? 2) Why all this talk about monsters? 3) Where can I see really cool non-snobby art?

My friends… We have the answers to ALL of these questions!  We’re like the Magic 8 Ball only better! Read on…

1) This beautiful woman is our friend (and client), the magically talented, super-fun, and pretty much just plain awesome Bethany Barton. You may have seen her on the blog a few weeks ago when we took her author picture for her children’s book that is coming out next summer. [She’s kind of a big deal!] “bethany bARTon is an artist, illustrator and author living and working in Los Angeles. Her art and writing captures the thoughts and feelings we all share: equal parts whimsy and reality; humor & heartbreak, whiskey & robots. She calls it “the honesty revolution”; and invites you to be a fellow revolutionary. Bethany’s art has been featured in numerous films and television commercials, as well as in gallery shows and installments around California. She celebrates life with painting, laughter, and as much time with her husband (Mike Barton) as possible.

2) She draws/paints quite a variety of monsters, robots, dinosaurs and other creatures. They are ridiculously practical/comical/hysterical and any other -cal you can think of. Those monsters will be on display this month [See below].

3) She is having a SHOW in San Diego which opens TODAY, and the awesome D’Avello team will be there to celebrate and pet the paintings. (I’m pretty sure I was given permission to pet the paintings). I was also told there would be laughing and awesomeness too. If you can’t make it tomorrow the paintings will be there for petting until Nov 12. That’s 4 weeks. You should go. And take your friends.

That’s all the answers we have time for today. Check back tomorrow to get the answer for why Brynn is obsessed with bacon and other very important questions. If you would like to submit your own questions, feel free to do so below. We will respond promptly or eventually.


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