Michael & Bethany Barton = Amazing.No.Really.

Today, we got to photograph a really cool person two really cool people! Bethany is writing and illustrating (among a bazillion other projects) a children’s book that is THE MOST AMAZING CHILDREN’S BOOK EVER!!! (I got a sneak peak.. which I probably shouldn’t mention as it may have been secret and now Agent Steve will have to come kill me). We are going to be the first in line to buy every single one of them on the shelf at our bookstore! When Bethany said she needed a picture for the inside leaf of her book that didn’t look like a drunken pirate we were over the moon to be able take it. Although, I have to say that I have never thought she looked like a drunken pirate. Ever. We aren’t going to preview the author pictures.. you will have to buy the book to see that one (ya.. ya.. we know you could just check it out without actually buying the book, but since you’re there you should pick up a copy!)  While we were there we snapped a couple of her and her husband… dun dun DUN.. Michael Barton. These two are the kind of couple that make everyone else jealous of their cuteness and romantical business. You know, like me and my Mike. Just look how in love and ridiculously fabulous they are! The nerd in me loves, and completely understands, their official house rule to not buy any games that don’t have an ending. To see Bethany’s amazing artwork you can visit her website HERE and her blog HERE. She updates her blog every weekday with magical brilliance, and stay tuned for the MOST AMAZING CHILDREN’S BOOK EVER to be released in Summer 2012. Vincent got to come home with us, along with a How To Brush Your Teeth Properly comic for Cullen. You can buy fun artwork HERE. And you should. She’s gonna be super famous one day soon and you will wish you had listened to me. Just sayin…


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